Turkish travelers in Azerbaijan's devastated Karabakh witness Armenian vandalism

Turkish travelers in Azerbaijan's devastated Karabakh witness Armenian vandalism
On October 31, a news conference was organized to discuss the findings of a three-day visit to Azerbaijan's liberated territories by a group of Turkish travelers, Azernews reports.

Selman Arinc, president of the Turkish Travelers Club, shared his impressions of the visit. In his interview, he noted that they had witnessed Armenian vandalism.

"We made this trip because we decided to celebrate the Day of Republic in liberated Karabakh. During the visit, we visited all the liberated territories, and today we visited the Khudafarin Bridge. There were ruined buildings everywhere. These lands were occupied 30 years ago. It was impossible to prevent this invasion at that time. Thus, Armenians, supported by foreign countries, committed inhuman massacres.

Selman Arinc stressed that along the way Azerbaijani and Turkish flags fluttered side by side.

"This is an indicator of our friendship and brotherhood," he commented.

He also spoke about the construction and restoration works in the specially protected areas.

"One of the main issues is the laying of a railway line through the Zangazur corridor. I hope we will also witness this."

Selman Arinc expressed his desire to write his memoirs about what he saw in Karabakh, but he believes that the work to disseminate information about Karabakh must continue.

"We shouldn't be satisfied with this. It's necessary to conduct further work in this regard," Arinc added.

Traveler Ugur Demircan noted that he is visiting the liberated territories for the second time, and in particular, he noted that he was struck by the construction work carried out in Lachin in a short time.

"During our first visit last year, we passed through Lachin District. We didn't have a chance to get out of the car and look at everything in detail. But our current visit struck us in a good way. As you know, about two months ago Lachin was completely taken over by Azerbaijan. After the construction work carried out during that period, I saw a completely different Lachin," he said.

The travelers expressed confidence that the trip would contribute to the development of tourism, especially in these areas, and promised to share their impressions at international events.

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